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How Our Online/Virtual Programs work

At Elite Golf, we are committed to helping our students improve their game, even from afar. We currently train and coach players from all around the world. We’ve worked with players from Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, Asia, and our neighbors in Canada and Mexico. If you are looking to improve, we can help you! All you need is a phone! Send us a contact form submission and begin your journey with us!

Elite Golf Masterclass

This six-part series is designed to provide a baseline for students to understand and implement the Elite Golf movement preferences into their golf game. Click below to learn more!!

Here's How To Get Started

These online options are great if you are looking to better understand your golf swing, move better, and hit better shots. Whether you opt into an hour session with one of our coaches via Zoom or FaceTime or you simply want to send us a video of your swing for analysis, we are here to get you going on the right track.

To get started, we have 2 options that will help you start down the path to game improvement with any of our online/virtual coaches.

OPTION 1: Zoom/FaceTime Session

1 Hour Zoom Or FaceTime Golf Lesson

All you need is a phone and a tripod. We will access you through FaceTime or Zoom and you and your coach will get to work! Prior to your session we will need a video from down the line and face on. No golf course needed! Over the course of your session, you will better understand how to control face stability, bottom out points, healthy movement to alleviate pain, how to load your body and club more…you name it! Whatever is limiting you, we are committed to helping you!

OPTION 2: Video Swing Analysis

Video Swing Analysis Session

Simply send us your golf swing from down the line and face on. Our movement experts will send you back a video to help you better understand how to improve your golf swing. You will either receive a video of our coaches showing you how to move better or a side by side of your swing and a high level mover that will provide the visual comparisons needed to improve your golf swing.

Learn More About Our World Class Coaches

Riley Andrews

As the Owner of EGS, Riley constantly works with the coaches of EGS to better improve each students’ understanding of [...]

TJ Kathrineberg

TJ Kathrineberg believes golf to be the purest form of competition there is. Never are we directly competing with other [...]

Alex Trevino

Strategy and Course Management Specialist
Virtual & In-Person Movement Specialist
Customized Programs [...]

Alex Lobeck

Alex started playing golf when he was old enough to walk and has been in love with it ever since. [...]

Max Callarman

Max is a former high school athlete and collegiate golfer who picked up the game after his senior year in [...]

Doug Wherry

Doug has been at the forefront of training golf for the past three decades. His innovative approach to simplifying golf’s [...]

Tyler Parsloe

As the Director of Coaching, Tyler has dedicated his career towards helping students achieve their goals and elevate his staff’s [...]

Jackson Wherry

Jackson has an extensive background in coaching and rotational sport movement. His ability to relate to the student is quite [...]

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Virtual Coaching & Online Golf Programs. At Elite Golf Schools, we are dedicated to helping golfers of all ages and abilities unlock their true potential. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, our online training team is there to help you improve your game, from swing mechanics to overall health and fitness.

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