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How To Get Started With Doug

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Get Started With Doug Virtually

To get started choose one of the 2 options below: either Zoom/Face-Time or Video Analysis Session.


1 Hour Zoom/Face-Time



Swing Analysis Session


Advantages Of Video Sessions

No Need for a Golf Course!

Level-up your game right from your living room. All you need is room to swing and discover the ‘code’ on or off the course.

Easily Accessible Coaching Centered Around Results

We pride ourselves on creating results for our players. If you do not immediately improve, reach out as often as you need. We will work with you until you improve your game!

Analysis of Your Progress

Video or still frame capture of the improvements before your session and after

Digital Notecard

We will send you a recap of your entire session so no need to try and remember all of the information required!

Beginner Level Golfer Program

$500 /

4, 45 minute private sessions

For anyone excited about introducing themselves to the game of golf, coach Alex Lobeck offers a fun and beginner level program that teaches the basic fundamentals that will allow you to comfortably enjoy themselves. You will learn these skills during your program:

Doug's In-Person Options

Game Evaluation In-Person

Our game evaluation is a great way to improve your game in just one session. This session will provide you the tools needed to feel more comfortable and competent during your next round, we guarantee it.

Game Evaluation

$ 299
  • Detailed Questionnaire Overview
  • Coaches Video Review
  • Improvement Plan

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