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Game Evaluation

If you are interested in what Elite Golf Schools has to offer or are looking to improve your understanding of the game in various areas, a total game evaluation is a great place to start. Our game evaluation will give you insight into why and where you gain strokes on the course, where your inconsistencies come from in your golf swing, improve your overall short game, and much more!

How we do it…

You fill it out and consult with your coach for the first 15 minutes of your evaluation. That will give us direction on where our focus points need to be as well as an opportunity to get to know you better.
Our coaches are trained to then walk you through the goals of the session, write them out, and get to work.
Once we dive into the evaluation we will give you an in depth understanding of where your faults lie and how to correct them. We will do this in the practice area, on-course, inside our training studio, or wherever we need to go to educate you appropriately.
Once you are finished with the evaluation, we will send you a written and/or a video analysis of the session.

Meet Elite Golf Team

Our coaches are trained to provide you with the tools needed to improve. To find out more about all of our programs at Elite Golf, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you improve your game now and forever!

$ 300

Virtual and In-person Movement Specialist
As the Founder of EGS, Riley constantly works with the coaches of EGS to better improve each students’ understanding of the effective systems needed to shoot lower scores and improve.

$ 199

Movement Specialist
Kameron O’Nan is a Veteran of the United States Army, as well as a playing professional golfer from Gilbert, Arizona. He brings with him his unbridled passion, competitiveness, and love for the game.

$ 225

strategy and DECADE specialist
TJ believes golf to be the purest form of competition there is. Never are we directly competing with other individuals, but rather with ourselves and nature.

$ 175

strategy and DECADE specialist
Alex was introduced to the game when he was 3 years old and from that moment forward, he has been in love with the game. Alex grew up playing junior golf, high school golf, college golf.

$ 175

golf short game and padding specialist
Ian has been a student of the game for 30+ years. In addition to coaching the actual game, he has also acquired an intensive background in club fitting.

$ 149

strategy and DECADE specialist
Alex is a college & high school golf coach in the valley as well as a professional golfer from Chandler, AZ. Through the years of playing, coaching, and learning the game of golf
Lead Physical Trainer
As the current owner of Power Stroke Fitness, Kyle brings a wealth of passion, knowledge and experience in the area of strength and conditioning for rotational athletes, specifically golfers.

Elite Golf Adult Programs

Our adult programs provide a very custom approach to improvement. These programs provide the time needed to create the proper mental and physical habits to change your game now and for the future. 

TJ Kathrinberg


Tournament Players Program


This program is for the serious competitor. Players must have a pre-requisite handicap of 5.0 or below to enroll into this program. This program is for player’s who are seeking to enhance their strategy, mindset, and practice efficiency in order to compete in tournaments and men’s/women’s clubs’ events.

Tyler Parsloe

Director of Coaching

Custom Build Program

Customized Price

 A customizable program based on your schedule program is designed to aid in total performance for each student. Each player will receive a personalized plan dependent upon their own strengths and weaknesses. The combination of on-course and practice area coaching allows the player to continually balance and improve in all areas of the game leading to improved scoring.

Jackson Wherry

Elite Golf Coach

90-Day Scoring Program


This is a customized program built around each player and focuses in on where the player is losing and gaining strokes. In this program players will better identify their strengths and how to capitalize on them while at the same time managing and improving upon the players weaknesses. This is a performance based program that is designed to lower scores and improve the players entire game by taking a holistic look at each student’s game.

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At Elite Golf Schools, we are dedicated to helping golfers of all ages and abilities unlock their true potential. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, our team is here to help you improve your game, from swing mechanics to health and fitness and strategy.

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