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Jackson Wherry's In-Person Options

To get started choose one of the 2 options below: either Zoom/Face-Time or Video Analysis Session.

Hands on Approach!

Your coach has the ability to move you in space in the ways that are needed in order to improve overall movement.

Ball Flight Analytics

We pride ourselves on creating results for our players. The ball tells all and in person sessions have the ability to take the control of the ball to the next level!

Guaranteed Improvement

We will show you and you will feel the improvement in your game after one session with us. This is our guarantee!

Digital Notecard

We will send you a recap of your entire session so no need to try and remember all of the information required!

Game Evaluation


Our game evaluation is a great way to improve your game in just one session. This session will provide you the tools needed to feel more comfortable and competent during your next round, we guarantee it. 

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