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If you are interested in what Elite Golf Schools has to offer or are looking to improve your understanding of the game in various areas, a total game evaluation is a great place to start. Our game evaluation will provide you with insight into why and where you gain strokes on the course, where your inconsistencies come from in your golf swing, improve your overall short game, and much more!

How we do it…

First, we will send you our official questionnaire prior to your evaluation. You fill it out and consult with your coach for the first 15 minutes of your session. This will give us direction on where we need to focus during your session and will also provide the opportunity to get to know you better.
Next, it’s time to dive into the evaluation. During the session, will give you an in depth understanding of where your faults lie and how to correct them. We will do this in the practice area, on-course, inside our training studio, or wherever we need to go to educate you appropriately.

Once you are finished with the evaluation, we will send you a written and/or a video analysis of the session. If you are seeking more information or you would like to book a session with us, click the icon below

Meet Elite Golf Team

Our coaches are trained to provide you with the tools needed to improve. Each coach is certified in the Elite Golf systems and will provide you with a world-class understanding of how to improve your game. 

Riley Andrews

Virtual and In-Person Movement Specialist


As the Owner of EGS, Riley constantly works with the coaches of EGS to better improve each students’ understanding of the effective systems needed to shoot lower scores and improve.

Tyler Parsloe

Performance Coach


As the Director of Coaching, Tyler has dedicated his career towards helping students achieve their goals and elevate his staff’s standards to coach at the highest level.

Doug Wherry

Performance Coach


Doug has been at the forefront of training golf for the past three decades. His innovative approach to simplifying golf’s complexities has helped to produce some of the finest golf talent in the U.S.

TJ Kathrineberg

Movement Specialist


TJ Kathrineberg believes golf to be the purest form of competition there is. Never are we directly competing with other individuals, but rather with ourselves and nature.

Jackson Wherry

Strategy and Short Game Specialist


Jackson has an extensive background in coaching and rotational sport movement. His ability to relate to the student is quite extroardinary and because if this skill he is able to help players improve their game immediately.

Mike Morong

Developmental Junior Lead


Mike’s passion for the game of golf exudes from him. Mike has a hunger for learning and improving his own game and this calm tenacity for improvement is infectious. He will stop at nothing in order to improve his student’s games.

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At Elite Golf Schools, we are dedicated to helping golfers of all ages and abilities unlock their true potential. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, our team is here to help you improve your game, from swing mechanics to overall health and fitness and strategy.

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