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The Elite Golf Way

Elite Golf Schools of Colorado provides a full spectrum of golf instruction and top rated coaching to players of all ages and skill levels. Our top priority is to provide you with the tools you need to help improve your game consistently, whether you are a true beginner or an accomplished player.

We have a nationally ranked junior program that has yielded some of the best players in the country as well as numerous awarded college scholarships. Over 50 players have earned scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the country in just 8 short years, achieved through excellence in both athletic and academic accomplishments.

If you are an adult looking to improve your golf game, we offer developmental programs that have the ability to revolutionize your view of the game and help you decrease your scores while also increasing your level of enjoyment. If you’re just looking for a minor change up, our top rated Colorado golf instructors can give you the tools you need to improve. Contact us to find out more about how the Elite Golf Schools of Colorado can help you with your game and to learn about all of our programs.

Training and Coaching from Current and Past Golf Professionals
Long-Term Development and Personalized Training Regimen
 Physical, Mental, and Emotionally-Balanced Instruction
Individual Coaching and Group-Based Instruction
 Instruction Focused on Total Game Development
Complete College Recruitment Package
Proven College Scholarship Track Record
Access to Video and Ball Flight Analysis
Custom Club Fitting

Our Vision

EGS creates knowledgeable and skilled golfers. Each of our students, from juniors to adults, is provided a customized improvement plan and curriculum to achieve proven results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train golfers who learn to illustrate the skills they need to obtain their objectives through mentorship of golf’s best instructors and coaches.

Our Approach

At Elite Golf Schools, our team of golf coaches provide each student a custom instruction curriculum and improvement plan to aid in overall player development.

Riley Andrews, founder and golf coach in Gilbert, Colorado

Riley Andrews

Founder of Elite Golf Schools of Colorado

At Elite Golf Schools of Colorado, golfing excellence is our primary goal and ambition. At our academy, we center around the simple principle of building champions. By mentoring and providing the motivation they need, we help each individual to constantly strive for greater results. We have a Colorado golf coaching staff that offers a unique blend of competitive playing experience with instructional qualities that ensures improvement for players of all skill levels.

Each and every student enrolled in our top rated golf academy is provided with a personal improvement plan that is continually and regularly modified to fit their skill levels. These plans are specifically tailored to help players improve in the most efficient way possible. Playing golf at the highest level requires that the mind and body be molded to the championship level. We expect the best from the students at EGS each day, and as coaches, we strive to embody the same approach. #achieveexcellence

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Nike junior golf camps with Elite Golf Schools in Colorado

Register for Nike Junior Golf Camp and improve your skills this Winter and Spring! Half-day camp programs are available for golfers ages 7 to 15 of all ability levels.

Boys and Girls Ages 7 – 15
9:00AM – 12:00PM
Camper Amenity Package

Nike Junior Golf Camps in Lone Tree
Nike Junior Golf Camps in Colorado Springs

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