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The Junior Champions program is designed for students who are committed to becoming the best. The curriculum is designed and customized for each individual and coached exclusively by founder Riley Andrews. It is made to give students the tools needed to improve to compete at the highest level. 

To apply for this program, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Apply Here’. Contact us for more questions about this program.

Program includes

Personalized team bag
Discounts through Nike and PING Golf
Access to certified physical trainers & sports psychologists
Guest speakers who are currently or previously playing tour-level golf
 Tournament scheduling and preparation
College Recruitment Packages
✓ Curriculum balanced between training, on-course coaching, mental and emotional training to prepare for competitive golf

Amenities to the Junior Champions Program

Trackman for golf lessons in Colorado


Elite Golf Schools of Colorado is proud to utilize Flightscope. Flightscope is equipped with advanced technology that can accurately measure all of your shots, from the driving range to the short game. It is capable of measuring launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, side spin, and much more during each session and can hell you dial in your game. You can also take Flightscope to the chipping green to improve your ability to control your shots both into and around the green. Flightscope options include yardage gapping sessions, putting sessions, short game sessions, game comparisons with playing professionals by going through Flightscope combine, or simply book a Flightscope session to understand how to control your ball flight better.

Video Analysis

Being able to see just how you play is an important part of the EGS programs. When you have been working on your golf swing, sometimes the steps you take to correct it might not be in your best interests. With help from one of our certified golfing coaches, we can help you learn what is keeping you from striking the ball to your full potential with a video analysis session. 30 and 60 minute sessions include:

  • Training session with a coach to fully understand your tendencies and how to build correct habits
  • A digital copy of the session with notes from your coach
  • Video analysis for the player to take home
Video analysis of golf swing with top-rated AZ golf school

Program Qualifications

Must have won at least one tournament
Must be currently active in playing tournament golf
Must be 12 years of age or older
Must be able to practice at least a minimum of 15 hours per week (time includes weekly coaching times, individual practice, workouts, tournaments, etc.)
Must play a minimum of two tournaments/month

Application Process

EGS is now accepting 2019 season applications. After we receive a Junior Champion application, an in person interview is to be scheduled with Riley Andrews.

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