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Jackson's In-Person Options

Game Evaluation

Our game evaluation is a great way to improve your game in just one session. This session will provide you the tools needed to feel more comfortable and competent during your next round, we guarantee it.

Game Evaluation

$ 149
  • 60-90 Minutes of Instruction
  • Detailed Questionnaire Overview
  • Coaches Video Review
  • Improvement Plan

Jackson's Programs

Jackson Wherry

Custom Build Program

This program is a fully customized program built around each player and where the payer is losing strokes. The program also takes a deep dive into why and where they are gaining strokes. Identifying the strengths of each player is essential part of becoming a great player and often times is overlooked in coaching. We will build around these strengths and work on the weaknesses on course and/or in the practice area. This program will help to improve overall performance to minimize lost strokes. Contact me for more information!

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