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How To Achieve The Perfect Golf Swing

Tips On How To Build The Greatest Golf Swing

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect golf swing? Are you tired of trying to fix your golf swing on your own? Don’t worry, a trusted Cave Creek golf coach will teach you today how to get the best of the game.

The perfect golf swing is different for everyone, but achieving the ideal is still possible. If you can learn to visualize your perfect golf swing, you’ll be able to improve your game by keeping track of how close you are to your dream.

Keep reading below to learn more about the perfect golf swing. 

Achieving The Perfect Golf Swing

Correct Posture

How you position your body before you swing is the first step to having a great golf posture.

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent knees. Then, from the hips, lean forward until your shoulders are over your toes.

Your back should be straight and neutral; avoid bending it at all costs. You can ensure a good posture by curling your back (in and out) and returning to the center with all your vertebrae aligned.

You should use a “side bend” technique to keep your posture in place once you have a good setup posture. To use this method, bend at the waist and draw your shoulder towards your knee (on the same side). Maintain proper spinal alignment. Do this on both the up and down swings.

You can ask your Gilbert golf coach for help with the posture if you think you’re doing it wrong. Don’t be ashamed of it! We all start somewhere.

Take Control

Another important aspect of perfecting your golf swing is having a good grip on your club.

You want to have a medium grip. If you grip the club too tightly, you may slice the ball. Moreover, you can end up throwing the club.

There are three ways to grip the club: the self-locking grip, the 10-finger grip, and (the most popular) the overlap grip.

Push It Out

Many people have timing issues and rotate too quickly. As a result, you slice the ball.

A good way to correct this is to use the “stomping drill,” which was popularized by golf instructor Cameron McCormick.

Cameron McCormick may sound familiar to you. He has an amazing work with Jordan Spieth, which is why many people trust the stomping drill. 

This drill is one of the favorites because it can help you improve your balance, timing, weight shift, footwork, and other important skills. 

But why is it so popular? Because many golfers have the bad habit of allowing their bodies to rotate toward the target too fast. 

You may learn more about it with a Cave Creek golf coach. In the meantime, we can teach you how to make this drill so you can improve your swing. 

Start in your setup position, then take a small step with your back foot away from the target as you start your backswing.

To get a proper overlap grip, take your dominant hand’s pinky finger and overlap it over your nondominant hand’s index finger. It also helps you relax your muscular strength. In other words, it ensures your grip isn’t too tight. 

When you reach the top of your backswing, take your front foot and take a small step towards the target.

Before beginning the downstroke, make sure your front foot is firmly planted.

It may feel strange at first, but this technique will help you improve your timing, give your swing more energy, and ensure you complete the backswing before beginning the downstroke.

The 3 Keys In Golfing

As difficult as the golf swing is, three key movements primarily focused on how your shoulders turn in the backswing, tilt in the backswing, and bend in the follow-through are some of the most important differences between amateur and professional golfers. 

These keys are also the quickest and easiest movements to improve with the right Gilbert golf coach

Here’s how it works:

Turning At The Top

Many golfers restrict their hips and keep the knees flexed with the trail leg during the backswing movement. That doesn’t help your swing at all! It only reduces power and limit your shoulders’ movement. 

By straightening the trail leg in the backswing, your hips and shoulds can turn more freely, leading to a powerful and consistent swing path. 

Tilting At The Top

Shoulder tilt is another crucial aspect when learning how to swing. 

Many golfers reach the top of their swing with their shoulders more level to the ground than professional golfers. However, professional golfers don’t do that, they lead the shoulders lower and closer to the ground than the trailing shoulder. 

Doing this can also help to get a better shoulder tilt at the top of the swing.

Bending & Stretching In The Follow-Through

The third key of an effective golf swing is a slight backbend of the upper body during the follow-through.

Golfers who hit the ball short and imprecisely tend to do the opposite — bend the upper body forward while keeping their arms bent and close to the body.

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Do you want to learn more about “stomping drill”? Do you want to learn the perfect swing? Contact Elite Golf Schools Of Arizona to obtain the lesson you need to become a pro. Call us no or contact us via web for more help! 

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