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Dual in The Desert

Dual in The Desert

September 3, 2013

Congratulations to all players! I hope everybody enjoyed themselves this weekend, I know I had a blast. Thanks to Team Vegas on making the trip here to play. It was a great competition. Win or lose, the players were able to meet new kids and they all benefited with a different format that we don’t get to play much. I think the U.S. needs this as you can see with our Ryder Cup matches over the years. It was really great to see players that battle it out every week work as a team and talk with one another to plan strategies. It was also nice to see that most parents really left the playing up to the kids and stayed out of their way.

We [Arizona] did win 66-54 for those that had to leave a little early. The trophy is being engraved today. I will be bringing this to our local competitions to share with you and other players.

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